I’m trying to actually be productive, but I’m regularly failing. I mean, how can I possibly fill my time with writing (or something) when there are so many games to distract me, so many movies to watch, so many YouTube videos, so much of Reddit left to read? I know, I’m intensely lazy; you don’t have to tell me. But, even when I’m not working on anything (which covers pretty much the past 4 years), I’m still thinking about projects. Of course, I’ll inevitably forget those ideas and be left, like with Rudderless, sitting there with my proverbial dick in my hand when I actually attempt to write something. “I knew I had some ideas for this story,” I’ll think, immediately followed by me coming up with nothing and the wind rushing out of my writing sails.

Comedy is also a hindrance; it’s hard to be funny on demand, particularly in print. Oh, sure, a witticism or quip isn’t hard to come by, but to turn a story into something consistently amusing for hundreds of pages becomes a gigantic fucking burden that you wouldn’t believe. I really need to write something serious for a change. I think it’s time to trot out a novel (or something) that I have in mind; it was actually two ideas that weren’t quite working before I crushed them into a single idea that has more backstory than I’ll ever use or even be able to mention. That project would move along faster if I had a bit of help, particularly from some kindly native Russian speaker that could help me figure out some phonetic terms to use. That obviously shouldn’t hold me back from writing, but I like to have all my tools lined up before I start working.

Maybe I’ll get back to the grind sometime soon. At very least, I’ll probably edit a half-amusing podcast every few weeks, not that anyone listens to it.