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I’m trying to actually be productive, but I’m regularly failing. I mean, how can I possibly fill my time with writing (or something) when there are so many games to distract me, so many movies to watch, so many YouTube videos, so much of Reddit left to read? I know, I’m intensely lazy; you don’t have to tell me. But, even when I’m not working on anything (which covers pretty much the past 4 years), I’m still thinking about projects. Of course, I’ll inevitably forget those ideas and be left, like with Rudderless, sitting there with my proverbial dick in my hand when I actually attempt to write something. “I knew I had some ideas for this story,” I’ll think, immediately followed by me coming up with nothing and the wind rushing out of my writing sails.

Comedy is also a hindrance; it’s hard to be funny on demand, particularly in print. Oh, sure, a witticism or quip isn’t hard to come by, but to turn a story into something consistently amusing for hundreds of pages becomes a gigantic fucking burden that you wouldn’t believe. I really need to write something serious for a change. I think it’s time to trot out a novel (or something) that I have in mind; it was actually two ideas that weren’t quite working before I crushed them into a single idea that has more backstory than I’ll ever use or even be able to mention. That project would move along faster if I had a bit of help, particularly from some kindly native Russian speaker that could help me figure out some phonetic terms to use. That obviously shouldn’t hold me back from writing, but I like to have all my tools lined up before I start working.

Maybe I’ll get back to the grind sometime soon. At very least, I’ll probably edit a half-amusing podcast every few weeks, not that anyone listens to it.


Well, it seems I fell off the November writing wagon pretty quickly when some scumbag Russians managed to hack my website. I got myself all tied up in looking into that and didn’t pay attention to working on Rudderless. Since I got everything working again, I completely lost all momentum. (And Skyrim.)

But, for those who got shiny new Kindles for Christmas, I marked the Kindle version of my book down to a minimal $0.99. So as not to screw over others with worse e-reading options, the Nook and iBook stores should be marked down to somewhere around $1.25, which is as low as I could make it.

Maybe some new readers will enjoy the book; I sure won’t be seeing any royalties anyway.


Haven’t done much in a while. Definitely nothing of merit. Though now I’m trying to get back to writing more regularly, though at the moment that doesn’t equate to any ficiton.

I’ve started MediaGauntlet back up, so if you’re interested in reading reviews or me rambling about MST3K, then there’s that.


I kind of forgot about writing and all that jazz for a while there.

I got sidetracked by enjoying my free time, then the beta of Rift, then Crysis, then Dragon Age II, then Dragon Age: Origins again, then I’ve started sitting around, playing “hidden object games” and listening to music all day.

It’s kind of a sad existence, unless you like the idea of doing nothing but relaxing all day.

Nevertheless, I should probably write something, which is making me want to totally reformat “Why would needing to write make you want to overhaul your website?” I can almost hear you saying. Well, where would I put my writing when I’m done with it? On an ugly website? I’m totally not feeling very Web 2.0.

I might try to start using Tumblr as a place to write my rambling bullshit on a more regular basis, free from fictional constraints and more just rambling and ranting about the things that pop into my head and I think of long rambling soliloquies about that I never commit to virtual paper. We’ll see, I guess.

In the meantime, I’m going to try to start writing bits of Rudderless again. We’ll see how that goes.


For those who didn’t notice, I gave up on NaNoWriMo. Oh, I could have finished the story, but it would have been forced, unfunny, and not what I wanted and needed the novel to be. I should have started something new, but, instead, wanted to get something finished. As such, I’ve still got nothing finished and only 8,000 new words to show for the month (aside from actually getting some editing and expansion done on the first half of the novel).

But, out of all this, I got the motivation to finally start my humorous fantasy novel. I’d been putting off the idea for a couple of years, because I couldn’t think of a title. Some would have just gone ahead without one, but I stubbornly wanted to post it on the internet. Initially I’d thought a page a day, but that seems a bit optimistic, given my habit of being intensely lazy. So now I’m just going to try to post what I can, when I can. And I came up with a title as I laid in bed a few weeks ago, one that I should have thought of a long time ago and is more significant than it actually sounds.

Rudderless. I don’t think most people are going to “ooh” and “ah” over that particular title. But it holds a very particular meaning in regards to the place from which the idea gestated, something I’ll keep to myself for the time being. But, having that name, I built the site and am now prepared to launch the novel out into the wilds of the internet, if I actually get around to writing something. (Well, strictly speaking, I wrote one sentence, but it was just “The ship was on fire.” I guess I could post that.)

To say a little about the actual novel, part of it is my vulgar, stupid rendition of the typical fantasy novel, combined with an overall tone of mockery that takes aim at coventions of pen & paper roleplaying games. Or at least the cliches and conceits surrounding them.

Hopefully someone will want to read it. You know how people love genre fiction. Maybe it’ll take off and get around the internet, actually leading to someone giving half a shit about something I write. But I won’t get my hopes up about it.

More details to follow, as soon as I make with the writing.


Well, there’s another thing for people to not look at in regards to me and my writing and whatnot.

Feel free to follow it, if such is your desire.